Monday, July 29, 2013

Senior Citizen! Who Me?

Yes, I turned the big 55 this month!  It's a strange feeling.  Life just continues on and it seems to go by so quickly but a Senior Citizen!  I am blessed to reach this age and I pray that I will use my time wisely.  It's been a busy few months.  We had our daughter and her 5 children come and stay for 11 days and at the same time our son and his 2 children came to stay for 17 days. 
I can never remember to take pictures but here is one.  From left to right: DIL, Son, 12th Grandson, Me, Hubby, Oldest Grandson, 2nd Grand daughter, Youngest Daughter, DIL, and youngest son.
Grand children at the 4th of July celebration!
My oldest daughter and the youngest #13 grand child!  
Yes, we have 7 grand sons and 6 grand daughters

It's hard to open your eyes when the flash hits you! Lol.

One of many nights we spent outside swimming and eating smores!

My older grand children made the decision to be baptized! That was definitely a highlight of their stay!  I'm so proud of them.